War for the seas

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iconMultiplayer Sea Combat
Cannons flare, fighting for dominance,
and defend the glory of your nation
iconRealistic Seafaring
Blu-ray graphics quality, weather and day/night cycles,
experience the thrills of seafaring navigation
iconSea Routes Trading
Business magnates, trading on market trends,
ever-changing dynamic economy
iconBrave Exploration
Pioneer new sea routes, raise your anchors
and set sail, and embark on a new era
The Guards Officer specializes in defense and collisions, and favors head-on and close combat. Having once served as a sergeant in the Navy, he is upright and brave, willing to travel the four seas for the honor of his motherland
Assault of Ares
Skill Introduction:
Ares, the God of War, grants immense strength to charge at the enemy, increasing sailing speed and boosting collision damage, lasts for a few seconds
Chain of Crows
Skill Introduction:
A battle tactic said to have originated from ancient Rome. Pull the nearest enemy with a chain to collide and deal collision damage to each other, and cause its crew to be confused for a few seconds
Lord of the Sea
Skill Introduction:
Shock the surrounding enemies with the majesty of the Lord of the Sea, dealing cannon damage
Skill Introduction:
Fire a flare upwards, reducing the attack range of surrounding enemies and dealing cannon damage, lasts for a few seconds
The Titan's Will
Skill Introduction:
Inheriting Titan’s will, gain a damage absorbing shield, lasts for a few seconds
Holy Spirit
Skill Introduction:
Inspire the crew with the will of the martyrs, recovering durability for self, and increasing collission damage for a few seconds
Skill Introduction:
Blessed by the God of Water, Daphne, deal cannon damage to surrounding enemies within range, enemies in the outer radius take 50% of the damage, while reducing the sailing speed for all enemy ships for a few seconds. After dealing damage, recover durability for self
Skill Introduction:
Blessed by the God of Sea, Poseidon, deal cannon damage to surrounding enemies within range, enemies in the outer radius take 50% of the damage, while reducing the sailing speed for all enemy ships for a few seconds. After dealing damage, gain a protective shield
The Cannoneer favor long-range damage output, and is obsessed with artillery-related tech. As a former young lord, he had lost everything in the war. Since then, he had been obsessed with cannons, hoping to one day reclaim his lost territory on the seas
Greek Fire
Skill Introduction:
Increase Sail Strength, and increase sailing speed, acceleration lasts for a few seconds. and spew Greek Fire at the rear of the ship. Enemies entering the flame’s range suffer cannon damage every second, and the flame lasts for a few seconds
Netted Shot
Skill Introduction:
Fire a netted shot to a random single enemy within firing range, dealing cannon damage and lowering the ship’s sailing speed for a few seconds
Skill Introduction:
Shoot 3 ricocheting shells to both sides of the ship, dealing cannon damage to any enemy units hit.
Triple Salvo
Skill Introduction:
Fire 3 continuous salvos from near to far, within a fan-shaped area on both sides of the ship, with enemy units taking greater cannon damage the closer they are
Skill Introduction:
Boost aimed firing skills for a short period of time, additionally boosting firing range while also increasing shell damage for a few seconds
Scatter Cannon
Skill Introduction:
Scatter cannon fires a dense barrage upon random enemies within range, firing multiple shells within a few seconds, dealing cannon damage to targets hit
Giant Fuel
Skill Introduction:
Toss a cannister of fuel at the nearest enemy, reducing the sailing speed of enemies within the fuel. After a short delay, ignite the fuel, dealing canon damage to enemies within range of the flames
The Bounty Hunter specializes in support and recovery, favoring naval mine technology and pursuit. Carefree and wild in natures, none is more familiar with the oceans and nature as this sea rangers, who wanders all over the world to hunt down wanted criminals and claim their bounties
Skill Introduction:
The ship accelerates to flee, raising sailing speed, while emitting smoke continuously at the ship’s stern. Accelration lasts for a few seconds, and the smoke lingers for a few seconds before dissipating. Enemies suffer reduced sailing speed while within the smoke
Deploy Naval
Skill Introduction:
Deploy naval mines behind the ship, enemy ships who get within the detonation range of the naval mines will trigger their explosion, dealing cannon damage to enemies within range; the longer the naval mines last, the larger their detonation range becomes; naval mines last for a few seconds after being deployed
Raging Seagulls
Skill Introduction:
Seagulls come to aid you in battle, striking random enemies within range for multiple times, dealing spell damage
Sea of
Skill Introduction:
The tranquil sea holds boundless strength. The dolphin’s singing heals the crew members of teammates’ ships while within range, recovoring their ships’ durability over a few seconds
Surrounded by
School of Fish
Skill Introduction:
A school of fish appears around the ship to attack the enemy, dealing spell damage to enemy units within range, and the school of fish lasts for a few seconds
Skill Introduction:
Detonate waves emanating from your own ship as the centre, dealing cannon damage to enemies within range, and detonating all naval mines deployed by yourself within the area. Naval mines successfully detonated by this skill, also reduce the sailing speed of enemies hit by their explosions
Great Whale
Skill Introduction:
By the forces of nature, great whales assault the nearest enemy unit, while also knocking back enemies within range after a short delay, dealing spell damage and causing confusion amongst their crew
The Diviner specializes in control and spell damage output, and is proficient in classical spells. Ever since seeing her own future in a crystal ball, she had relentlessly embarked on her travels upon a battleship. No one knows about her past, being ever mysterious and wielding nature’s strength
Spell Speed
Skill Introduction:
Tap the power of spells to accelerate, increasing sailing speed and gaining a spell shield that can absorb damage for a few seconds.
Magic Circle
Skill Introduction:
Summon a magical arrays straight ahead of the ship in succession, tapping on the skill again teleports the ship to the location of the furthest magical array. The magical arrays are able to move and last for a few seconds
Skill Introduction:
Launch a bouncing attack on surrounding enemies using the power of lightning spells, dealing spell damage on each bounce, and bouncing multiple times
Skill Introduction:
Gather thunder clouds above the ship, which strikes random enemies within range and dealing spell damage for its duration
Tarot Feast
Skill Introduction:
Use 3 different colored tarot cards for divination, attacking random enemies with each, with each colored tarot card having a different effect
Wheel of
Skill Introduction:
Draw the “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card, returning to the location a few seconds ago and recover durability, while also recovering durability lost within this period. Also deals damage to enemies within range at the initial location when using the skill
World of
Skill Introduction:
Draw the “The World” tarot card, freezing the sea’s surface within the surroundings, dealing spell damage to enemies within range and causing confusion amongst their crew for a few seconds
Guards Officer
Bounty Hunter